Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Offer I couldn't refuse...

Ok... So I made a decision to work over the winter and save some more $$$ so that I can upgrade my old RV. I have been chuggin along with an oldie, but goodie a 74 gmc. It's not too bad, however it's older and HEAVY!!! When I first drove it I knew what those little nija turtles put up with, walking on 2 legs!

Yea so I broke down and got a REAL JOB! I am working at a school as a guidance counselor, the pay is great and I will also be doing another contract in the evenings so I'll be able to make some extra cash! I put my son in Grade 2, he doesn't seem to mind it. I plan on doing a raffle with the old RV, so I'll check it out and see if I can do it on line, or if I can only do it here on the rez, and if so then cest la vie!

I am going to miss the road, I already have some folks interested in my Tour this fall, but not enough to make ends meet all winter, so I'll just hang out and work, and renovate.

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