Monday, October 21, 2013

Update and My Birthday!

Ok so I know it has been quite a while like years since I actually blogged! Lets face it I am not the best blogger, that being said, I don't actually know if anyone reads these posts, OH well.... Ok so lets see must update for the last 3 years... Hmmmmm


  • Came and went without much ado or fuss... 
  • I moved out of the RV and moved into a house with my mom. After my dad's passing I decided to stick around and help mom adjust, although she said I didn't have to I felt compelled. 
  • I did the unthinkable and launched a re-election in my home community. (pissed of alot of folks!)
  • Endured a tornado - watched a tornado rip through the community it was horrible
  • Vacationed in California! - tickled my baby as he visited Lego Land and other sites!


  • Worked for the Census of Canada, counting folks and meeting folks as well
  • Became a student for a while taking Massage Therapy in Calgary AB
  • Stopped being a student as I began having health issues with my Thyroid and Eyesight
  • Became obsessed with getting healthy
  • Continued with my campaign to wake up my community to all the crap that was going on in the political arena... to no avail...


  • Began prepping for the apocalypse, to no avail...
  • Renovated a home for my mom
  • Moved my mom into her house, stayed at her old house with my son
  • Bead working again, eyesight is getting better
  • Thyroid was finally put into check


  • Switched houses with my mom
  • Cats Cats Cats!!!! thats all I will say about that!~:
  • Enjoying the internet
  • prepping for a new era, I dunno but I think its coming!
  • Turned 45 Today
  • Now your caught up!

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