Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from Minneapolis!

Well once again we are on the road... well we've been on the road quite a bit since the last post, however I finally remembered to post something on the blog...

We are currently exploring Minneapolis Minnesota. We have been at the Mall of America for the last 2 days enjoying the Indoor amusement park, Coga loves it! He has been on nearly all the major rides, he's discovered he has an inner Coaster fiend... I'm afraid that he has become enthralled with the big Coasters! I know there is no going back now, we will always have our days and memories of riding the choo choo trains and air planes. LOL

Well this new years eve, we will be kicking it on a hill catching some fluff and tubing! I don't know how my back will react to this but I think I'll give it a go anyways...

So to the family who's back at home, Happy New Year! To all the friends who are out and about stay safe and to the future that is upon us, I am hopeful that all our dreams and desires will be fulfilled!

Take Care! and I probably won't post for another 3 or 4 months... LOL

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