Friday, February 21, 2014



I was very recently consulted on relationship advice... I who have been single for the last ohhhh, say 45 years, was asked for relationship advise.  
What would ever give anyone an idea that I may know anything about a relationship???   I mean I have been single for most of my adult life, about 10% of the other time was in casual meaningless relationships.  The closest I have ever come to a committed relationship was when I was in court fighting a custody battle for my son. 

When I think of the relationships that have participated in I am always surprised as to why that relationship ever occurred in the first place. 

Why Be in a Relationship?  What are the levels of Love?

  1. Lonely - do not know how to be alone. 
  2. Horney - in it for the sex
  3. Bored - just doing it out of boredom cause it's too much hassle to break-up (perhaps they hooked up cause of 1 or 2).
  4. Lucky - There are those who are "Lucky in Love", where they were at the right time and right place and met their match, pretty much an idyllic love story - time will tell if it's going anywhere or if it will make it to the 5th level of real relationship status. 
  5. Truth - Those who are in a lasting committed life long relationship.  They actually love and enjoy each other's company. 
I have to say that the most I can tell anyone is:  "Are you settling?"  This was what one of the guys who I was in a relationship told me.  It sounded very cruel at the time and it was quite the pill to swallow, but it was truth. This was the end of one of my most passionate and powerful relationship experiences I had ever endured.  I realized that yep I was settling.  I could do better for myself, find a more better suited match.  That was 20 years ago, I am still single...

I don't even desire to be in a relationship.  I could care less at this point in my life...  But why? Why am I so effeferesence? that's not even a word, but it seemed to fit... 

I think that about sums it up, in a nutshell according to me.  But hey who am I to give relationship advice?  I am just a girl looking for a guy who can help me get something from the top shelf, so  a tall guy.  Then he can go... 

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