Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bustin Out

Well I am bustin out this Spring... I am going to get on that open highway and just do.  Enough with the "prepping" I will never have everything completely perfect!  I once hitch-hiked from Regina, Saskatchewan Canada to San Jose California USA, I left with $163.00 in my pocket.  I got home 6 weeks later with stories to tell about people and their generosity, and the miracle giving it all over to the Creator to take care of.

So yup yup yup I am outta here!  I love my life, I love this big house, even though it's now week 5 of the great sewage freeze up!  Yea I have been having issues with the drainage in my home, I was told that there is nothing that can be done until the ground thaws out... I am hoping to be out of here by then.  I will begin with the tires for the RV and just go from there!

Thats all kind of a ranty blog but hey I blogged!

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