Saturday, August 1, 2009

Culture "Camp" Shock!

Whewwwwww... alot has happened since I last posted... Ok where to start... Well I ended up camped out on a lonely hill for a few nights with just my lil dog buddy the cockerspanial who looks like a blonde rastafarian, if you can picture that. Yea I'm not big on getting him groomed, I figure if he was meant to be all brushed out and perfect the Creator would have given him opposable thumbs... so any ways we were up on the hill and there was a tornado warning a cougar sighting and not just me... but another cougar... so yea it was eventful...

Next it was off to the exhibition with my son and niece KK we had a good time... a few hundo's later that is... but oh well all went without a hitch except Coga is still too small for the Drop of Fear... poor guy... he was very sad... I even rode a few but alas my 40 year old constitution can do without all the dizzyness... LOL

So what is my next adventure??? Well now I go into the bush... to the North, of SK and I'm the cook for a youth cultural camp. Should be alot of fun. Anyways I'll be back next week so until then may all your ducks be in a row... Have you ever seen a row of ducks? I have never seen that! I mean they fly in a little group not a "V" like geese... and they walk in a row... yes they do... OK!!! I guess a mama duck and her ducklings will be in a row! Ok now I get it!!!

till then... later..

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