Friday, January 29, 2010

Writing, and more writing

So I have been composing stories for most of my life. As a child I often gave life to adventure in my minds eye! I would always tell tall tales to my family and friends, often feeling quite accomplished for having them believe these stories.
Well this skill, although not every parents dream for their child, finally became useful. I have taken advantage of my over active imagination and have begun drafting a book of my favorite stories. I have included a story about the legend of Big Foot, How the birds pull up the sun and my most cherished stories of my lovable old Gran and her brood.
Now I don't think I'm about to win any Pulitzer or have any offers for major motion pictures, however this book of mine will provide entertainment and giggles for those who read it up.
Anyways I'm not done with the writing but I'm getting warmed up! And as a side bar, has anyone noticed that we finally got our snow in Saskatchwan? All in one shot there were snow banks taller than our house on last Sunday... Whewweee...

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