Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yep tis true, I am stirring the pot, something must be done in my community! We tolerate alot, but that must end, it's time for our people to rise up and say NO MORE!

Meetings and Perdiems, Renovations on Band Council Members Homes while our Elders suffer in unlivable conditions!

Has anyone ever visited my auntie Dorothy? She has raw sewage in her basement, it's been like that for a year! Yet one newly elected band councilman has found it in the budget for New Siding on his home!

What about the roads??? Is it too much to ask that we at least have some fresh gravel?

When are they going to care for us? I have been waiting...
I am done waiting...

The watch dog must be on gaurd! Check out the new website at:

I hope we can make an effective change! Creator willing!

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