Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday, 9 January 2009

My greatest loss

Hi everyone! I don't know who all reads this if anyone, but we recently experienced a loss in our family, my father passed away on New Year's Day.

My Dad's name was Sterling Brass, he was a Great Man, a true Leader with vision and dignity. For those of you who are un-aware, my father was a Political Leader For First Nations through out Saskatchewan and Canada. My Dad was much more than that though, he was a Mushoom (Grandfather) and a Dad.

It's a very difficult thing to lay my dad to rest, however it was even more difficult watching him constantly sick and suffering with strokes and heart attacks.

I am sad, however I know he always loved me and my son, and I know that he is now in a better place and happy and well.

For anyone who'd like to see my dad's memorium and obituary I have posted a link below...

Kee Ka Wapamin Menowa Ni Papa, Megwetch!

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