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Saturday, 14 June 2008

RV Livin!
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So I have been a busy lady, been boondocking at my mama's house on the rez! It's been chilly... not sure how to get my furnace working. *L*

Had 2 Garage Sales, then just basically gave everything else to my niece who is doing a fundraiser, she can deal with the rest of my "stuff" ... had too much!

Now that most of the things I need are in the "Bus" as my little one and I have come to affectonatly know our RV as, it has been a comfortable transition into RV living!

Our cat on the otherhand is going stir crazy from the small space change, poor kitty!

We went to Vancouver and came back home, had a blast! I am a bit shy though to attempt a trip through our beautiful Canadian Rockies with my RV! Those Moutains were fun to drive with a van, an RV may be a challenge for a newbie like myself! I have been considering going to BC for the fruit season and making some cash picking fruit or working in the packing plants... more will be revealed!

Anyways, being out at the rez though i do not have cellular coverage, so I'll be on here a bit less frequently so stay tuned...


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