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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

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Well Lucky and I have been RV living for the past month now! I have finally got to a point yesterday where I beilieve that I downsized enough and have gottten rid of all the things I need to. I am around for the next few weeks then I will get on the road. I have been waiting to take a brief course that will be offered through our local economic development program. Then hopefully I can get off the ground and begin my adventures in travel.

My little one has adjusted quite well and happily hangs out in the RV whenever he has a chance. Our Catzilla is also adjusting, she is very interested in birds out side, and has tried to go out only once, however she is still a bit nervous when the RV moves, and sounds as though she is in a yodelling contest when the RV begins to move.

I still have to figure out things like the furnace, water, and stove... because the bus is old (I've actually dated guys the same age) I want to get those things checked out professionally. I did however have the engine and all that looked at before I purchased it, so I know it will keep running.

Anyways that's about it, I been planning a family reunion with my aunt and mom for this fall on the rez, any relatives reading this call aunt Mary, she'll fill you in!


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