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Saturday, 9 August 2008

August Update
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Ok so it's update time!

Been hitting the pow-wow trail lately, got a few photos to include with this post... check em out latter...

Coga started dancing Jr. Boys Fancy... placed 2nd at Kawacatoose! He was was proud and so am I! My baby danced his hardest!

Congratulations to my neice Monica and her new Husband Don! The wedding was a blast! I had so much fun and was very honored to be the Emcee for the evening... The Dance was great!

My next adventures will be the KAMADA walk on August 12 in Saskatoon at Wanuskewin Heratage park. Then I'm off to the Crow Fair in Montana... and well hopefully I can figure out the border crossing so I can get down south for the warmer weather this winter...

Anyways that all folks... I'm tired!!! Later!

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