Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Blog

Hi everyone! Whewww, I got it done, I thought it would take a lot longer than that, but i was able to upload and transfer all the information from the old blog, I'll keep the other one on line for the next month or so that way most people who read it can be informed about the change. I hope it works better with google, I was having trouble with the other one, formatting and such difficulties, plus I could never get it to upload from my cell.

Ok so what's been really going on... I've been on the Rez for most of the summer as I've been doing work for the school. I've got a fall Tour Scheduled and am currently making money to break my truck (88' Ford Ranger) out from the hospital.

My lil truck went and broke down in May and it's costing me much more that it's probably worth... alas I have sentimental memories in that truck, particularly concerning my old late dad. He used to get into my truck with considerable effort and then he'd bounce up on the seat and tell me how nice my truck was. He'd pet the dash as though it was a puppy and tell me what a good little truck I had... nice memories... It seems like when I drive my truck I can feel my old dad sitting right next to me and well that's a bit of comfort I just can't part with.

So yea I guess fixing it is worth it. (wiping some tears as I write this post)

Anyways I'm also getting ready to embark on a spiritual journey... This is a personal thing so I'll just leave it at that.

I have a Comedy Show scheduled for August, my tour starts in September and I'm still doing ok... well that's it hope you enjoy


  1. Wow what a great new blog, loved your old blog but this one is so Fresh!

  2. yes this brought me tears too sistah
    as you know my dad is on the other side...too
    oh how we miss them at times and as usual they are watching us and saying to us "im fine and you be fine here if you need me... and i will always will be...
    luff ya sistah...
    laff, live, and love....
    ndnshuga comin @ya

  3. You have an unquenchable spirit that is an inspiration for us 'mere mortals'. Fix the truck!! ;-) From Marty B.


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