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Sunday, 25 January 2009

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Topic: Winter Daze

Well here I sit yet again in Regina... I still long to live back in the RV... but in SK that plan is currently fatal if we did... it's too cold!

My little guy has been wishing to live back in the RV also, but hey we are warm and have one another.

I'm still processing my dad's passing and I have been missing him lately, I realized that it has already been a month since I last spoke with him. I know that the time will only get longer and the pain will become less and more depending on the day and moment. I can say though with 100% certainty that my dad had a good life and lived it to his fullest potential. I still marvel at all his accomplishments and know that I do have his strengths. I want to continue on in his pursuits of true happiness and commitment to a higher purpose in life.

I want to teach my son the things my dad taught me, virtues, self determination and to be independant and true to my own goals and dreams. And how to fix your own vehical... *L*

So I still venture on and know that I will be living life on the road in no time again and I will succeed.

And hey who knows... perhaps some day soon our paths will cross!

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