Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Traveling Tipi Trails Introduction

Hi there some may already know of my blog as I was blogging using the following link: http://laugh-out-loud-co.tripod.com/Tipitrails/ .

Alas that has come to an end and I changed the location of my blog spot. I will attempt to set up an archive of past blogs though, until it is complete, you can click the link and it will re-direct you to my past blogs...

Ok so now that's out of the way, who am I? My name is Annie Brass, I blog about my life on the road as an entrepreneur, comedian, author, puppeteer, story-teller, and most importantly someone's mom. I have one son who travels with me and is road-schooled.

Ok so about me...I am First Nation, (aka: Saulteaux/Cree Native,Indigenous Person of Canada, Indian, Aboriginal of Canada) So that means that my immediate family and my rather large extended family with many many many uncles, aunties, cousins, Kohkoms, Mushums, and so on and so fourth will also be mentioned thoughout my various blogs as "we" the Collective Family are always interacting throughout each other's life and so on...Kind of an ethnic thing. Makes for very dramatic and entertaining if not down right confusing blog speak.

Once more thing is I aspire to live life on the road in an RV... hence the title Traveling Tipi Trails...

So that's it I will be blogging as often as I can and when I remember, sometimes it will be pure ramblings with lots of spelling errors and improper verb play and other times it may be quite intelligent, no I 'm not split personality's it's just sometimes I make sense and other times I don't.

so I hope you enjoy... take care

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