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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Mom's Birthday
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March 30, 20086:34 pmToday was my mom's Birthday! 65 years young! My brother and sister and I all attended a quiet dinner celebration honoring her. It went well! I'm feeling a bit stressed right now, I am not sure how I will pull off the whole living in an RV I am wondering if I should give my notice tomorrow or if I should "just wait" for a bit, like maybe another month!I suppose why I'm hedging is because: The snow is not yet all gone! I still haven't fully paid for the RV I haven't done any reno's in the RV I don't even know if it's going to run long! It is pretty old! Anyways I will sleep on it and pray to the Creator for some guidance.Anyways, for those who participated in Earth hour, well done! My son and I sat in the dark for 1 hour with just 2 candles burning, and all the Power in the house was off, we actually turned off the breaker switch! It was nice, My son actually said " Mommy this is nice and peaceful"... so much for his electronic addiction! *L*Anyways thats it!
Sidebar... I tried to email this via RSS and to no avail I now manually cut copy paste and post!
*L* I'm still learning all this bloggin stuff

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