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Thursday, 3 April 2008

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So I sit here and wait... anxiously, for what seems like an eternity! I want so badly to be on the road by now! I never knew it was possible to live my life on the road. I read about other people doing this and I am anxious to embark on my journey.

I decided to push my depart date back to the end of May, due to RV improvements and Renovations that are needed.

I am currently down-sizing my home and life to fit into our RV. I found someone who is willing to help me with some Reno that needs to be done to the RV. I want to install my "click-clack" sofa, where the other sofa is, and I also want to remove some of the closet to make way for Lucky's video equipment, and a few other things like new flooring and a CD/Tape player. Heaven forbid I hit the road with no tunes! Things like that, I also want to do some cushion re-covering etc..

Paint the walls, install AC, new fridge, W/D. (Oh wait that was a dream I had last night, I don't have the cash for that! Who am I kidding... LOL)

So I have a few things to do, I am so grateful that we are finally seeing spring!

As for my kid, what can I say I love him very much! I cannot wait to explore the continent with him!

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