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Saturday, 6 December 2008

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Topic: Winter Daze

Well hello there friends and family and all of you in internet land! It's too cold in the RV and we have moved into mama's house! Yipes! I know! Oh well we are learning... this is why I decided to stay close to home this year and winter next door (and plugged into) my mom's house!

Sigh... I have one electric heater but it's just not doing it for us and we've been experiencing a drain on my mom's electrical bill, so we decided to spend the next couple of months in my mom's spare room, till the chill goes and we get some warmer weather! Well at least we gave it a shot!

I am currently enrolled in a Carpentry Course and by March I will have my Level 1 Carpentry ticket and with a little more financial earning power perhaps this next winter I'll be more mobile in warmer temps...

Lakota is now attending a public school, quite a change for him as he's only been in school one other time when he was 3ish... he doesn't seem to mind it and I was told by his teacher that he's quite advanced! That gave me a proud moment, since I was not too sure he was getting what he needed from me as far as education was concerned... but cest la vie!

Anyways it's a good day today, my nephew's birthday - Sweet 16, happy days Wyatt... I love you!

And I'm currently in Regina... getting colder, and more Chistmas-ey i think I'm gonna have a good one this year... More will be revealed!

Take care all and happy holidays!

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