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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Making puppets

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So today was a full day! I awoke to begin the monumentous task of sorting out my office, as an entrepreneure and pack rat, this task was undaunting! I first got through the waves of paper, only to find my table beneath it all! Yep I knew I put that some where! *L* So next it's attempting to create a filing system that will be light weight but somehow practical! I decided that I will need a saftey deposit box! For all that paper that is necessary, certificates, some memorabilia, etc... as I write this the Office is not even close to being done, however tomorrow is another day...

This is going to be one heck of a garage sale!

I am becoming excited! I know that moving into an RV will have it's low points, but last night I was checking out some of the reno's that people do in their units, and I was able to get some cool ideas...

The Work I do...

For those who haven't made a visit to my web site to see what I do for a living check it out! I am a busy lady!

<----- Check out my link "Brass Enterprise" to see what I do!

I just hope that I will make enough cash this summer with FH2T to keep us afloat! I must remain positive! I'm still working on the Bent Tour posters also for the fall, and now that my web site is done it should all be good! Yea I've been fortunate lately and have been asked to perform lately so that's helpful!

Anyways enough about "work"

Coga B Bear Brass, my baby son! I love this person so much! I feel very refreshed with all that I did today, I was still able to provide some much needed "family" time with my little boy! We watched "Over the Hedge" and made hand puppets and cookies tonight! Had a great time!

I will thus post on a positive and contented note that all is well in Annie Brass Land and sign off for today!

Kee Ka Wapomin Meenowuh Wapung!

(translation: I will see you again tomorrow)

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