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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Family Visiting
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What a nice surprise!

Late last night as I was finishing up some work on the old dyno-puter, I got a phone call from my cousin Glenny...

When ever Glenny is around it's sure to be alot of food, good conversation and funny stories! Well today was no different, he's a bit of an early starter so of course he called at 7:00 am and decided that we (coga & I) had enough sleep and we should be out getting some breakfast! So off we went (9:30ish)... then it's back to my house with Glenny, My Papa, Coga & I and a Cajun Music DVD! Damn nice music!

Now the house is quiet and I'm back to sorting through my "stuff" as I'm begining the packing process and sorting through what's coming with me and what's being sold and what's being tossed or given away... Dad & Glenny are off to the Mineral Waters of Watrous! Sounds so nice and relaxing, I'm envious! But cest la vie...

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