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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Tornado Warning
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Well Lucky and I are currently parked outside my sister's home in Regina, SK. Boondocking!! Early this afternoon the TV has been blurting out Tornado Warnings... We may live in an RV, but at least we are not parked in a Trailer Park *L* ... For those who don't know the province of Saskatchewan is the Northern Tip of Tornado Alley...

We went to White Bear Pow-wow this weekend with my mom and her girls... I don't think we will be travelling together after this... *L* There are reasons that children grow up and leave... LOL... I love you mom, but I think we do better when I visit you... and not live with you... LOL!

I am currently looking for a short term job to get some cash so I can do some travelling... The RV has been giving me a bit of problems this weekend as we went to the Pow-wow in Carlyle... gas line problems, I gotta change my fuel filter, I cleaned the carborator and that seemed to help, but I know there is much to be done by way of tuning it up...

So far life on the road is a matter of ironing out those wrinkles...

I think for now I'm going to go and lay low and let this up coming twister pass, peacefully I hope...

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