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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Hangin Out in the City
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Well the Tornado touched down in a Small City called Yorkton, about 2 hours East of us in Regina... Scary night though, and of all people to be out travelling in the storm.... My MOM!!! She showed up at my sis's house at 12:30 am, just in time for the major Storm Alert in the City, as she travelled down the highway she said that she "followed" the storm, not actually in it... *L* Crazy lady my ma...

All worked out well, and as we slept in the RV it shook a bit, but mostly it was peaceful!

I'm still lookin for some work, on Monday I'll go to a temp agency and see what happens then I think I'm off to the Okanogan time for Fruit Season!

Other than that all is well!

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