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Monday, 7 April 2008

Letting Go
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So Here I sit, once again impressed with The Creator and How if it's meant to be it will happen! I am learning that this universe will let you take the path your meant to take, regardless of the road blocks.

Enough with the Philisofical stuff... Ok So lately Da Bear and I been spending the last few days at home just hangin out. We have begun the down-sizing process, I am hating it! My home seems cluttered and messy all the time every time I turn around I see piles of "stuff" Most of which is either goin to my papa's or to be Garage Sale Stuff.

I woke up this morning in Fear that I would not be able to accomplish this, I have friends that are supportive, for that I'm grateful. As for my family It seems like they are somewhat supportive, but it's like they are waiting for me to come to my senses or something? I'm not sure...

My Current contract is coming to a close and with it, a rather healthy income... *L* So I have been pushing out PR like 90, and doing some tweeking with my Web site. I know that the Creator will help me if I do the footwork, It's happened so much for me in my life I just need to keep my faith.

I have been able to make some new connections with other On-line RV folks who also blog, I'm happy to hear from you and I hope that someday perhaps out paths will cross and we can share some stories and get to know one another.

Anyways, thats it, take care all

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