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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

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Well, I had myself what seemed like a productive day... until with the touch of one button it all went down the tubes! I was working on a very important marketing letter to be sent out on a mass mail out. Took me 5 days to design my letter and get all 100 addresses typed in and put into merge order! (not quite a technical whiz here)

Today my computer crashed, when it came back on line and i did some tweeking to my so called "saved" work and it went crash again... Next I got it back up and running then decided to go back to it once again... well I made some errors and decided to just close it without saving! That's when it happened! There went all my work, except for an empty template.

I took the rest of the night off! I am currently practicing being more patient with myself as I realize that I can choose to be my own worse critic or my own best friend. I tend to become more impatient when I do not live up to the high standards that I set for myself.

Today my self esteem is a state of being, I know that in order for me to remain serene and teachable I need to remain humble and be thankful for any lessons that life presents.

Anyways, Coga just came to me as I was typing this and declared that tomorrow is going to be a mama/son day... That means that he will have an opportunity to tell me what we do all day! He and I have been practicing this for the last 3 years and he enjoys those days! We ussually have some fun adventures. We are definiately due for another mama/son day as our last one was about 2 months ago... so it should be fun!

With that... good night ...

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